Elizabeth Bisbing
painted paper collage, et al.







Contact: bisbing@ebisbing.com

Everything begins with drawing. I spend a lot of time out drawing in botanical gardens and museums. I love doing this. From there, these drawings are used in combination to create new drawings/collages in sketchbooks or these sketches could become a part of a series of collages, such as the Calamity series. In this series one or two little girls are on the verge of various perils but seem totally unaware of what is coming their way. From there, these collages and ideas are developed into the stop motion animations. For all the animations, Little Betty Jane – the unflappable paper doll ‘star’ always suffers in the end. In many ways my own alter ego, I just keep killing her over and over again. Just as Little Betty Jane is unaware of what perils lie around the corner – so are we all.

Every Spring I find myself caught up in a fever. I love to chronicle the blooming plants. To me they are individuals – with all the strengths and weaknesses we all share. Each Spring the timing is different depending on our ever changing weather patterns. Flowers are a symbol of fragility and time in that they only bloom for short periods.

There is a narrative of nature reawakening each Spring that enchants me. Flowers – water lilies, koi dance in my imagination. These coincide with a narrative of the small girl – also a symbol of vulnerability to interact in calamitous adventures.